Rainy summer in Paris

Paris was never a city I romanticized. One day, it just happened to be where I’d been living for over two years and a half… and I just love it. However, my Parisian life has its ups and downs. Sometimes I look up at the grumpy gray sky and think “Ouch!, I’m living in a black and white picture postcard”

Over 8 million people gather every day in this big city and you may have heard rumors that Paris empties out in August. As it turns out, the rumors are largely true. As many locals head to the coast and many businesses close up for the month, you can feel the city’s pulse slow down. Traffic decreases, picnickers multiply, people become friendlier, and they linger in parks and enjoy balmy evenings on café terraces throughout the city. In August, Paris settles and simply enjoys itself. It’s actually the best moment to take advantage of the city (PPOV).

But in recent years Paris -along with much of the rest of Europe- has experienced serious heat waves in the summers with temperatures and humidity levels soaring. So, Paris summer weather can be very, very frustrating: sometimes steamy or downright sticky-hot.

It’s been raining off/on for the past few days. I don’t like it one bit (I guess could never live in London). The rain disrupts everything!!!

Rainy summer in Paris (Siul Miranda)
Rainy summer in Paris (Siul Miranda)



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