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Marche de la fierté, Paris 2010 (SM)

The Gay Pride Festival is an international celebration of diversity and a whole lot of fun. The event is focusing on the human rights of gay people around the world. It allows people to express their individuality. It shows the great diversity of the LGTB (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) with people of all ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds marching in support of gay pride and gay rights.

The Paris Gay Pride is probably one of the biggest festivals in the world, where anything goes and frequently everything goes. It’s definitely the most colorful, glamorous and fabulous gay pride I’ve ever seen.

In many countries, being homosexual is worse than being a common criminal. This year there was a group raising awareness about the hate crimes that continue to take place against gays and lesbians – many of which have gone unsolved. This group was walking for those who no longer can walk.

The gay pride festival is much more than saying “I’m gay”, it’s about the struggle for social acceptance and legal protection. It’s saying yes to fairness, yes to justice and yes to civil rights.

Today I saw people from a great number of nations and just in case you’re wondering, “yes” most of the people in this parade are gay but they point out that they are also your family, your friends, your coworkers, and your neighbors. They are “like everybody else”, however they don’t bare the same rights. If you just look out your window you’ll find out that we’re not all the same. Because if we are all born the same why are you not also gay? Let’s not pretend gay people don’t exist. I mean, I haven’t seen this many gay couples in Paris since… mmm what time is it?

Say yes to peace, love and equality. Support gay rights.

Marche de la fierté Paris 2010
Marche de la fierté Paris 2010 (Siu Miranda)




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